2035 N. Mobile Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60639
Mr. Edward Collins, Principal
Ms. Daisy Lopez, Asst. Principal

School Rules

Burbank School Rules

Be kind

Be respectful

Be on time

Walk in quiet lines, girls in one line and the boys in another

Always walk in single file to allow others to pass

Carry a pass at all times

Keep your school clean

No gum

No white-out or permanent markers

No backpacks in the restrooms

Keep all money and ALL electronic devices (such as cell phones, music devices, tablets, laptops, and handheld games) at home.

The school is not responsible for these items.

Burbank ​Dress Code: ​
  • Burbank uniforms are white and navy blue
  • Tops must be plain white with no writing on them
  • Pants must be navy blue
  • No jeans
  • All sweaters or jackets wore inside the building during the day must be white or nav
  • >All shoes must be solid navy, black, or white in color
  • ​Laces on shoes should be white or black
    • No tank tops
    • No short shorts
    • No large jewelry
    • No hats worn indoors